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When it comes to criminal charges, the importance of choosing an experienced and aggressive criminal defense law firm can be the difference between spending time in prison and reduced or dismissed charges. Our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused and have been actively representing those accused of crimes successfully for nearly four decades.e.

Our lawyers are thoroughly versed in all aspects of criminal law and can help you:

  • Get charges dropped or dismissed

  • Private Investigations into your situation to strengthen your defense

  • Obtain expert witnesses on your behalf

  • Negotiate with prosecutors and district attorneys

  • Contact and interview police, involved parties and any possible witnesses to expose false information, deception and exaggerations

  • Ensure your rights were not violated and that evidence was not obtained illegally

Facing criminal charges can be a difficult and very confusing time for you, your family and friends and you need someone in your corner that truly can help guide you through the very complicated legal system. For many people this is simply not an option due to the fact that the cost of retaining an experienced criminal defense firm can be simply too much to bear. We believe that every person should be entitled to the best possible legal representation regardless of income. We can work with you and your family regardless of your financial situation to try to make it feasible for you to hire our law firm. We will aggressively fight for your rights and freedom. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a confidential free case evaluation.

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Ron Hedding Criminal DUI Attorney San Fernando Valley

Our San Fernando DUI defense firm has been extremely successful in representing individuals with DUI matters in Los Angeles for many years.  The DUI attorneys pictured in our website go to court in Los Angeles on DUI matters everyday...we do not send less seasoned attorneys to appear for our clients' DUI matters...we do it ourselves and make sure your matter is handled discreetly with the utmost professionalism so your freedom, reputation and rights are protected! 


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